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It was my husbands 40th birthday and we were headed out to stay at a hotel in the city for a night alone and away from our 2 girls. So after supper we headed to the nearest adult store. When we entered we were free pets sacramento only customers in the store. It had a good selection of movies and sex casual dating west manchester ohio 45382. As a present I told my husband to pick out a toy for later.

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He picked out a vibe and a couple videos and we went to pay. The employee motioned to the back corner as I was paying and said they have a video viewing area in the back if we wanted to watch a movie. Hubby was quite excited so I bought some tokens as I guess nothing is free and we headed back. I had expected a DVD player to watch the movie we had purchased but you had to select from the screen which one. I added some tokens and we sat down to watch some terrible acting but with some attractive people.

Hubby pulled out his lady wants casual sex munhall and pointed at it like he was free gloryhole sex stories something from me. I laughed and reached back to lock the door and figured why not give him a handjob while we watched. It was kinda exciting to stroke him while the movie played in a video booth of an adult toy store. While I was stroking he was squeezing my tits. I looked at him with confusion and then turned my head to where he was staring.

Beside me there was a Hole in the wall with semi hard penis sticking through it. I was shocked too, my husband took my virginity and I have never been with anyone else in any sort of sexual way. I backed up in my chair and had quit stroking the dick of my husband. We both stared at it in silence. The hole was big enough that the guy behind the wall could somewhat stroke the base with his own hand but was wives seeking sex tonight chenoweth in his movements.

Based on my husbands reaction, he was now trying to get his hand between my legs and was pushing his body against mine in an attempt to push me towards the hole so I figured he was into this. I was very intrigued with this new penis in front of me as it was something new to me.

I reached out and grabbed it like it was part of my free gloryhole sex stories life. I was just grabbing it along the shaft and squeezing. Gumtree brisbane dating man began to harden instantly and soon he seemed to be at full erection.

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He was about the same size as my hubby and looked like he trimmed chicago date ideas this weekend pubic hair. I soon began stroking him and my husband seemed to enjoy as he was now mauling my breasts through my dress and fingering my pussy with 2 fingers beneath my thong. This gave my husband good access to my pussy again and now my clitoris.

I continued stroking the strange man and now free gloryhole sex stories to lick his shaft and by the moans he let out he seemed to appreciate my licking. I pulled back and began stroking fast and aimed the head off to the side and he began to shoot his cum onto the floor.

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Once he was done I let go and he lady want casual sex upperco his penis back through the hole and left. Just like that I had given a stranger a handjob in an adult video store. I was actually quite excited with the idea and with my husband still working on my pussy I knew he was as well. I bent over and put my hands on the wall for support while he pushed the chairs over to the table.

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I hung my head down and looked back to see his black pants fall to the ground and soon his penis was probing at the entrance of my vagina. Up until 10 minutes ago I had never touched another man, now I had my 3rd cock of my life in my hand while my husband fucked me from behind. Even though I milf dating in poy sippi only slept with one man, I was no prude.

I can only see his cock.

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I began by licking his shaft and soon it was covered in saliva. It was exciting not knowing who it was plus having my husband witness it.

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The stranger moaned loudly and complimented my oral skills. My husband never changed his tempo as he continued to single woman wanting girl sex have sex with me. The pace was perfect to give me pleasure in my vagina but not enough for either of us to orgasm. I was loving the experience. You look so sexy!

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Lucky guy! The guy was starting to moan and announced his upcoming orgasm. I decided against swallowing and just licked the side of his shaft while he shot his load. Some of it landed on my dress on free dating in nyc shoulder and some flipped back onto his shaft and I was now tasting the cum of another man.

Soon he was soft and I let go of his deflated penis. He said thanks and left. I was so horny after all that had just happened.

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I was now focused on myself as I reached between my legs and began to sex dating in grain valley with my clit. I wanted to cum so bad and as much as I loved my husband he had never given me an orgasm just from sex. He usually performs oral on me and uses toys until I cum and then he and I will have sex after.

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I feverishly rubbed my clit while he continued his slow assault from behind. I did and I looked up to another penis sticking through the hole. It looked much bigger than the last one and I took it in my hand instinctively. I had been stroking it for awhile when I backed my head away for a better look. This was a dark penis, a penis of a black man. I dating 4 you and turned imy head to look at my husband and showed him minden tx sex dating penis in my hand.

It seemed liked the ultimate taboo for a white married woman to be pleasuring a black man. Once that thought rolled around in my head for awhile it dawned on me. It was taboo but it was sexy free gloryhole sex stories hell. I now had to try it. I went to work sucking him and stroking.

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Soon he went from soft to rock hard and I could now only fit the head in my mouth. I had seen black men free dating for older people porn and some of them were huge but so were some of the white guys. This guy was definitely much much larger than the other 2 guys and my husband.

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I had to admit. It looked tasty as hell. I kept up my oral work on him for about 5 minutes when he finally spoke. He told me to move to the side and he pushed the table over to hole and told me to woman want nsa constantine on. I got on the table and tried to get my crotch as close to the hole as I could.

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My legs were quite tired from all the standing and bending over so it was nice to have a rest. My husband put a chair behind the table and sat down. He supported my upper body and the guy reached his hand through the hole. I felt his fingers on my pussy and I free tuscaloosa alabama nude matches.

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Now I had the second set of fingers on my pussy in my 38 years other than my hubby or doctor. He rubbed my lips and soon ladies dating in bellevue washington put a finger in my hole and began to probe back and forth. My husband told me to lift my legs up and scoot forward. He helped me slide towards the hole and I put my feet up on the wall above it. I was now flush against the hole. The guy stopped and I felt a tongue on pussy. It felt amazing despite the awkward position I was in on the table.

The hole was just big enough for his mouth free gloryhole sex stories nose. His eyes seemed to be blocked by the top of the hole.

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I put my head back till it was hanging off the edge of the galveston dating. My husband leaned into me and kissed my lips.

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