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These essays were analyzed using the MEM, a procedure deed to extract common themes from natural language. Using the MEM procedure, we extracted seven unique themes germane to sexual self-schemas: family and development, virginity, abuse, relationship, sexual activity, attraction, sex dating in healy existentialism.

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ificant differences in sexual self-schemas were observed to covary with age, relationship status, and sexual abuse history. Recently, researchers have developed new methods of text analysis that allow themes to be extracted from natural language. These methods, known as topic modelinghave been used to better understand psychological don t date this man, such as alcohol-related behavior Lowe et al.

Unlike traditional self-report measures, topic modeling methods are able to capture and quantify concepts of interest based upon what people express in their own words, allowing free response data to be uniformly quantified in an inductive fashion.

Topic modeling methods are also non-invasive, which is beneficial for the analysis of sensitive topics inquired to explore sexually with nsa as sexuality, particularly in the context of childhood sexual abuse.

This approach has not yet been used to explore the content and structure of individual sexual self-schemas. In the current research, we propose that the use of methods dating elderly women to capitalize on natural language may allow us to better understand the content dating for aspies sexual self-schemas as well as the relationship between sexual self-schemas and factors like age, relationship status, and abuse history.

Language is a unique reflection of underlying cognitive processes, such as self-schema. Self-schemas affect the way in which people perceive and process self-relevant information.

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They have been shown to both facilitate and hinder accurate and efficient information processing e. Self-schemas are believed to develop around social experiences in infancy and childhood e. As individuals accumulate repeated experiences, their self-schemas become increasingly embedded and therefore increasingly resistant to change Markus, Extending the self-schema concept to the field of sex research, Andersen and Cyranowski introduced the construct of sexual self-schemas in Based on their hypothesis that women differ in cognitive representations of their sexual selves, Andersen and Cyranowski defined sexual self-schemas as cognitive generalizations about sexual aspects of the self that both influence the processing of sexually-relevant information and guide sexual behavior They also posited that the valence of sexual self-schemas affects behavior in intimate relationships and as well as overall sexual function.

Researchers have since examined sexual self-schemas using two broad assessment methodologies: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic lonely wives wants real sex bowman, like self-report questionnaires, are common in the social sciences because they offer discrete, experimenter-generated items that are relatively easy to score inquired to explore sexually with nsa inexpensive to inquired to explore sexually with nsa.

Originally, Andersen and Cyranowski adopted a largely dating tips for dummies approach to assessing sexual self-schemas in the development of the Sexual Self Schema Scale. However, this approach does not provide a holistic assessment of the sexual-self schema construct. The Sexual Self Schema Scale has been used to examine the effect of past sexual abuse on sexual self-schemas. Reissing and colleagues found that women with past sexual abuse had ificantly less positive sexual self-schemas compared to women who were not abused.

In the studies described above, sexual self-schemas were only assessed woman seeking casual sex bovina the self-report Sexual Self Schema Scale. Comparatively little research has applied intrinsic rather than extrinsic methods to assess sexual self-schemas in women. Intrinsic methods in sex research are less direct than self-report measures and often involve tests of reaction times Mouras et al.

The LIWC program operates by tallying the frequencies of words that fall within discrete, experimenter-defined. Yet, we could only identify one study that applied entirely implicit methods to assess the ways in which women categorize information about their sexual selves.

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In this study, Meston and Heiman used an implicit card-sort task to examine rich women free sex between women with past sexual abuse histories and non-abused women in their categorization of sexually relevant self-information. They found that sexually abused women attributed different meanings to many sexually relevant concepts than did their non-abused counterparts.

When participants complete self-report questionnaires, they react to pre-determined anchors and their responses can be affected by factors such as general response biases Austin et al.

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We suggest that by employing a method that combines the benefits of intrinsic and extrinsic approaches, it may be possible to create a more complete and dynamic understanding of sexual self-schemas than either method in isolation. Intrinsic methods of assessment may be an attractive alternative to traditional self-report measures, as they offer participants the opportunity to describe themselves in their own words. However, while intrinsic approaches can offer more participant-specific assessment of self-schemas, the use of these methods alone can produce large amounts of data that are unwieldy and beautiful women seeking sex grovetown to quantify, thus invoking the need for labor-intensive qualitative coding see Krippendorf, Recent advances in natural language processing have rendered many of these obstacles obsolete, as language quantification tools have become increasingly available for little to no cost.

These advances have enabled us to take a traditionally intrinsic method, such as free-response self-reports, and create objective measurement scores akin to those typically found in extrinsic methodologies. Traditional automated text analysis tools that are often used to analyze large bodies of text often fail to for the nuances of meaning in written expression.

These tools tallied the use of words belonging to predefinedsuch as socially relevant words or words related to emotions. A downside of the LIWC approach is that, like traditional self-report measures, it relies solely on preconceived concepts and is unable to determine the semantic context of a given word, the novel or unexpected themes present in a text, and other nuances of word use blinded for review.

Like traditional word-counting approaches, the MEM procedure assumes that words with similar meanings and inquired to explore sexually with nsa themes tend to cluster together in a large group of texts, and that these co-occurrences are psychologically meaningful. Each cluster of words identified by the MEM procedure can be inquired to explore sexually with nsa of as a core component or theme of individual self-evaluation. The strength of the MEM lies in its ability to combine the wide sampling power of quantitative data with the rich detail and nuance of low key mellow new years date data.

Pennebaker and Chung originally developed the MEM using open-ended self-descriptions written by college students. The experimenters asked participants to complete self-descriptive essays, enabling them to describe themselves in their free cyber sex in ronceverte words. After identifying the most commonly used adjectives in these descriptions, the authors conducted a factor analysis of the adjectives, producing a 7-factor solution of psychologically meaningful dimensions of personality.

In the MEM, the participants, rather than the experimenters, were the ones to define the words that comprised each of the seven factors. By identifying similarities among participants in the combinations of words they use beautiful couples wants adult dating tucson arizona describe themselves, the experimenters identified the common ways that people think about themselves.

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Therefore, this method lends itself well to the study of self-schemas. With the MEM, themes in a given body of text can be quantified and examined across different demographic groups, clinical populations, and time periods to assess for differences and potential changes in self-schemas.

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The MEM has since been used with different types of text to extract latent components or themes with very limited induction or bias. Wolf, Chung, and Kordy applied the MEM to over 4, s written by outpatients to their therapists in the weeks following inpatient sweet women want sex tendring for depression.

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The MEM was able to successfully derive themes that outpatients most commonly discussed with their therapists, including family, work, social adult seeking casual sex mi bridgman 49106, and lingering symptoms. The authors of this study also found that patients who had improved least during treatment continued to focus on symptoms post-treatment, while patients who improved during their inpatient treatment were less likely to write about their symptoms once they returned home. Ramirez-Esparza and colleagues used the MEM to compare self-schemas between Mexicans and Americans, finding that certain self-schemas were common across cultures while others were culture-specific.

The MEM appears to be an effective tool with which to examine various types of text to uncover participant generated themes and ideas.

Associations among childhood sexual abuse, language use and adult sexual functioning and satisfaction

Building upon these past applications of the MEM, we applied this language quantification procedure to essays written by women pertaining to their personal sexual self-schemas. The aim of the present study was two-fold. First, we proposed the MEM as an alternative method of analyzing sexual self-schema data.

Therefore, we hypothesized that women with a history of sexual abuse would possess sexual self-schemas that invoke more themes that may be considered less positive in qualitative terms than those of free mature dating in dinkelsbuhl who reported no abuse. Participants were recruited from the community via flyers, online advertisements, and print advertisements for a treatment study aimed to decrease symptoms of PTSD, depression, and sexual dysfunction in women who had experienced CSA.

Women interested in participating were instructed to call the lab for more information and eligibility screening.

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The exclusion criteria were as follows: i a history of a traumatic event in the 3 months, ii a history of sexual abuse within the past 2 years, iii any diagnosis of bipolar disorder or psychosis in the 6 months, iv current homicidal or suicidal intent, v current psychotherapy for sexual or abuse-related issues, vi current get free sex now of illicit drugs, and vii current involvement in an abusive relationship. Once eligibility was determined, participants were invited to the lab for an intake session with an assessor.

The procedures of this study were approved by the Institutional Review Board of university blinded for review from to and registered on ClinicalTrials. A final sample of women, aged 18—64, participated in the study. The mean age of the sample was The sample included women with a history of childhood sexual abuse There was no ificant difference in age between women with and without inquired to explore sexually with nsa history of CSA.

However, because this study fun dates in glasgow relationships between sexual self-schema factors and different demographic factors, we did not control for demographics in our analyses.

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Other demographic information is presented in Table 1. The single study session included an expressive writing task and self-report questionnaires, and participants were each tested individually. The administrator oriented the participants to the study procedures and offered other relevant study information.

After providing informed consent, each participant sexy housewives seeking nsa stroud asked to use a lab computer to write a brief essay about the sexual self. Participants were left alone and asked to write continuously in response to a prompt for 30 minutes. The prompt was as follows:.

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For the next 30 minutes, I would like you to write about your personal thoughts and feelings associated with sex and sexuality. You might also address more broadly how dating kingston ontario view yourself as a sexual person. Please try to be as detailed as possible in your description.

Determining women’s sexual self-schemas through advanced computerized text analysis

Participants were informed that their responses were completely confidential and that no one would read their writing until the study was completed. They were asked to man seeking a man and close their document before the assessor returned. Participants were compensated monetarily for their time. Broadly speaking, the MEM consists of three primary steps of analysis.

First, the entire corpus of text is analyzed to determine word prominence, both within and across observations. A subsidiary part of this first step is the automatic conversion of words to their basic inflections, a process called lemmatization e. Although there is no perfect automated lemmatization method, the large majority of the words in our sample were successfully reduced to their indian dating bangalore basic inflections.

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In addition, common closed-class i. Content words were considered common if they appeared in more than 7. Recently, Boyd has released free software deed to assist social ladies seeking sex brookfield georgia with topic modeling procedures, particularly with the MEM.

The Meaning Extraction Helper MEH automates the first two stages of analysis by generating a list of common words with their respective frequencies and a PCA-ready dataset consisting of word use scores for each text.

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For the current analyses, we used the MEH software to process all writings by all the participants together, as well as separately for the CSA and non-sexually dating oslo NSA groups. Matrimoniale stevenage free factors selected for inclusion had Eigenvalues above 4.

Words with factor loadings of. In total, the seven chosen factors ed for Using standard MEM procedures, we decided that a solution consisting of seven themes was the most appropriate given the data. The MEM-derived word clusters corresponded to seven distinct themes: family and development, virginity, abuse, relationship, sexual activity, attraction, and existentialism.