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But it does seem that women are just a little more clear if they are interested or not," says Jeffrey Hall.

Do first dates offer accurate first impressions?

Credit: iStockphoto. To study flirting, researchers brought together 52 pairs of single, heterosexual college students.

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The pairs of strangers sat alone in a room and talked for 10 to 12 minutes in what they thought was a study on first impressions. Speed dating in nj the end of the study, the students were asked to fill out questionnaires in separate rooms.

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Among other things, students had to note if they flirted and if they thought their counterpart had. While the pairs were more than 80 percent accurate in knowing when their counterpart was not flirting, they were far less accurate in detecting when they were being flirted with. lady wants casual sex puunene

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Only 36 percent of men judged correctly, and for women, the was 18 percent. The study appears in the journal Communication Research. Flirting looks a lot like being friendly, and we are not accustomed to having our flirting validated so we can get better at seeing it.

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In a second study, Hall had more than people watch six one-minute video clips of those in the first study interacting. Just one person was shown at a time.

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The third-party observers were not any more accurate in detecting flirting than those taking part in the interactions. When it did, they were 38 percent accurate. The lowest accuracy rate was found in females observing males flirting. They identified the flirting just 22 percent of the time.

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Both men and women had an easier time detecting when females were flirting. Hall says that could be because women tend to be more transparent. The assumption is most people are telling the truth because most people do.

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The same is true for flirting. Just like lying, knowing when someone is flirting can take awhile to pin down, and it often needs third party confirmation.

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However, he admits, flirting can be harder to detect in other contexts, such as work or being a subject in a study on first impressions. Source: University of Kansas. Search for:. Science Health Culture Environment.

Many women come to me perplexed as to why they aren’t meeting men. they tell me they have done all of this work on themselves, they go out all of the time and yet still are not being approached.

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