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Con speed dating: an experience at c2e2

I imagine meeting the love of my c2e2 speed dating in a traditionally adorable setting: the historical fiction section of an indie book shop or in line for the water fountain at a Second City show. I want to find my other half in a place that speaks to our shared interests. C2E2 is a pop culture convention that attracts devotees of all fandoms to the Windy City every spring. I was on the fence about buying a ticket until I saw that Timothy Omundson was on the schedule. Marlowe as portrayed online dating rowlett expat Kristy Swanson sharing a loving glance with Lassie.

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Marlowe gets locked up at the end of her debut episode, so her relationship with Carlton blossoms in the confines of a prison free sex in chariton. White slip-on shoes and a set of handcuffs completed the ensemble. We waited in line together until the ing table came into view. Jennifer disappeared into the crowd to sneak some photos from across the aisle.

I had bookmarked the one that had a decent shot of Lassie.

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I gotta get a picture of this. As he stood up and walked around the table, I thought, Oh my God. This is happening. We leaned in c2e2 speed dating a cheek-to-cheek milf dating in hysham. After he snapped the first photo, I broke away. Stay right there. I got to touch his impossibly soft beard one last time before we separated for good.

Still amped over my celebrity encounter, I headed to the speed dating room. Bi sexual dating chairs were arranged in four rows of five, and every male seat was filled. There were no elaborate getups at first glance, just a few Superman t-shirts. I reminded myself not to judge too quickly.

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After all, I hated Lassiter columbia missouri woman seeking man the first season of Psych. By the time the series finished, he had transformed from a prickly, no nonsense gun nut to a fiercely loyal, wise-cracking one.

I checked in at the front table and received a name tag and two handouts.

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My game plan was simple: since most of the guys had wussed out on the costume front, I would keep my questions related to the convention. Celebrity meet and greets, photo ops, and panels would keep the conversation alive, no matter how awkward the guy. Several dates later I met Raphael.

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The most physically fit of all the prospects, he got out of his chair to shake my hand. Good start. Then he opened his mouth.

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I was ready to move on, but there were still two minutes on the clock. In the remaining time I learned that he was a member of the military reserve and was enrolled at a local college. We had moved on to DC local women fuck free chattanooga Marvel when the bell mercifully rang.


I dashed to the next station. Not long after that, I met Don. Unfortunately, half of his sexy looking nsa wildwood crest was obscured by a mesh mask. He left the mask on while I inquired about the suitcase sitting c2e2 speed dating his chair. He had traveled from Canada, and while his knowledge of Sailor Moon scored him some major points, I decided that the Great White North would be too much of a trip for me to make.

My last date of the evening was Mikey. Nerd Nite required participants to be at least 18 years wives seeking sex tonight ga philomath 30660, and this kid looked like he had just reached legal adulthood, like maybe five minutes prior to this session. He scrunched into his chair and spent more time looking at his lap than he did at me.

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None of my questions could pull more than a two-word answer from this guy. Worse still, he had no questions for me.

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The final bell rang and we scattered to finish the paperwork. I struck up a conversation with a Medieval Black Widow cosplayer trust me, the concept worked in person. I paused over a few names. Adult searching sex md some of the guys had c2e2 speed dating least left an impression, there was a whole slough of Brians, Daniels, and Johns, and because I had given up on note taking, I could no longer say for certain which was which.

Plus, the thought of giving my address to any of the men I had met suddenly felt like an open invitation to murder and dismemberment. I nodded. Now my Spidey sense was tingling.

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A smile, a handshake, and I was free. Have a good one.

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The front looked innocuous enough: his name, a short list of his interests, and contact information. When I flipped to the back, it said:. I think you are Funny, Smart, Fun, and Cute. This card raised a few questions. Lady wants casual sex palmerdale bet if I called him, he would answer all of my questions.

I still carry the card in my wallet as a reminder to always speed date with a buddy.

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C2E2 did not yield a love connection for me, at least not this year. Perhaps I would have better luck ladies seeking sex carlile wyoming the Cityswoon speed dating events in Chicago. Still, at the end of the day, I could say I met the man of my dreams.

Featured image via screengab. Marlowe gif via Tumblr. All other photos courtesy of the author. Lost your password?

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