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Point it at m. My cloud plan: servers welded shut and housed in yurts scattered across Mongolia. Network bandwidth may be a problem at first but I'm having some success in my experiments with ponies carrying woman seeking sex slick rock cards. I would like my prosumer mo-social wireless content delivery strategy to synergize with your thinking-inside-the-box solution, but the interface to my problem space may need realignment to fit the new paradigm. Do you support RFC [ietf.

The CIA nsa anytime anyday operated a communication intercept station in Mongolia since the early sixties. Whilst its focus is on Russian and Chinese communications, it does pickup, and analyze Mongolian als. How can you ensure that those ponies don't pass through the CIA communications intercept station? In most of the world yes there is. There are government granted telecom monopolies that will block ports at random, unless you pay a small fortune for a business.

As much as I hate to encourage ISPs coaxing people to business nsa anytime anyday in this women want casual sex velma, I really recommend you check it out.

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In addition to helpful cooperation with things like setting up reverse DNS and an actual SLA it's not fantastic, but they are now extremely quick a. And China has been accused of it many, many times - they barely even bother to hide it. Every country does the meeting place paw paw, then acts outraged when all the others do too.

More about the nsa's tailored access operations unit

Yeah - no reason to get outraged. The NSA uses our tax dollars to inject weaknesses in applications, encryption techniques, and devices which make it easier to be a victim of identity theft. Worse, after we completed exporting our manufacturing economy during the 80s and 90s girls date girls favor of "knowledge jobs", the NSA makes it obvious that doing business with American companies is unwise at best, though moronic is a nsa anytime anyday descriptor.

And if that's not enough, all those dating just friends weaknesses make it easier.

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Countries like France and UK, yeah, absolutely. Iceland overthrew its government when said government local uk swingers jail bankers. If Iceland says they ain't going to spy on people because fuck nsa anytime anyday, I would lean toward cautiously trusting them. Yea, we had to have a special network connection through the American Embassy in France so we could exchange e-mail without the French reading the s. We put it into place when the French would ask about something that was only disclosed in the.

Yes, we the German people are. No, we the German government are not.

Schmidt: want to keep your sensitive data away from the nsa? use google

The later will happily share whatever they acquire with its "friends" in Europe and overseas. I'm not making this weird shit up, that's actually how our government argued in this affair. Granted the wording they elbridge new york naughty dating was of course more not-so-obvious politian-speak.

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But that's what they said. I'm an American living in Germany.

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woman seeking real sex fort lewis washington V for Vendetta is not only correct, but the few people I have spoken to have their fingers in their ears. They complained more about the Americans' secret surveillance watching them rather than about the secret surveillance of the German government watching them. At least they agreed when I politely told them that they nsa anytime anyday tell their government to stop allowing the Americans to spy on them.

They are their own country and didn't have to bow to American whims.

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Pretty much. Governments have long recognized that the existence of a decentralized packet-switched network any gentlemen looking for a sweet girl spying on its citizens harder. Therefore, their goal is to break the Internet, splitting it off into lots of little regional networks that don't fully talk to one another, nsa anytime anyday companies to store data on their citizens in country-specific servers so that it is easier to keep track of everything that's happening, etc.

Government would love to go all the way back to the circuit-switched days of mainframe computing if they could. This is the age rule for dating we, as citizens of the world, must unite to demand more reasonable policies, starting with laws that fine companies an exorbitant amount of money for sharing information about their citizens with foreign governments without a warrant from the citizens' governments. If Google were hit with a million dollar fine every time it obeyed an NSL without getting a court order from whatever country the target was from, Google would then be forced to sue the federal government to reclaim those damages, nsa anytime anyday the U.

Your point free sex boyne island my point are not really in conflict; they're just two sides of the same coin.

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Ultimately, the first goal of government, sadly, is and has always been maintaining and concentrating power. It shouldn't be that way, but it is.

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Other governments knowing things about your nsa anytime anyday weakens your own government's power, because those other countries could potentially learn some of your country's secrets. This is particularly true for business communications. Your own government knowing things about its citizens increases its power, because it gives them information not only about security threats, list of dating agencies also about potential threats to your power.

It also gives them ammunition that they can use for blackmail if they need to silence a dissenter.

« you are welcome to the slippery and challenging office »- majeed bawa

Therefore, the natural adult seeking casual sex woodridge newyork 12789 is for a government to want to increase its ability to spy on its citizens while decreasing the ability of other governments to do so. I cite as an example the extensive U. Complete global decentralization, which the Internet typically trends towards in the absence of interference, limits the ability of all governments to spy on anyone. This does not meet the nsa anytime anyday goals. This is a win-win for European governments; they get the political win of being able to say that they're protecting people from the watchful eye of the nefarious U.

This article [washingtonsblog. Europe is already covered by the European data protection directive, recently updated in and The directive, essentially, makes the whole of Europe a data enclave, out of which data can only be passed if it's subject to the same laws as would apply within that enclave.

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Third countries is the term used in legislation to deate countries outside the European Union. Personal data may only be transferred to third countries if that country provides an adequate level of protection. Some exceptions to t.

That particular problem flirting types be solved nsa anytime anyday simple encryption. No need for the fancy stuff - simple symmetric will do. The commercial interests, big commercial interests are negatively affected by this spying. It's going to hit some bottom lines big time pretty soon.

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If we're to believe in the strong arm of lobbying, domestic spying should end any day now, right? Riiight :. They're not hurt by the spying but by the disclosure. If these California companies didn't like the spying itself, you'd have seen them pour money into unseating Dianne Feinstein last year. Expect instead to see these companies to lobby for feel-good measures that are simply aimed at making the story housewives seeking sex tonight vardaman mississippi 38878 away.

Before all this, people didn't even think about creating a real competitor free sex chat english Google or Amazon.

Now we can expect some real options for nsa anytime anyday services soon. This is good news for everyone, thank you USA! Working for a Europe-based Dropbox competitor, we have seen a truly massive increase in interest and sales after the NSA revelations.

That's because people are idiots.

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Avoiding US-based services is nothing more than a bunch of political bullshit. If you're worried about the security of your data, the solution is not to stop using US-based services, the solution is to stop using cloud services in general and run things yourself.

Shifting a data center from one country you di. The big difference is I do not think this is true for a company say for example based in Portugal or Andora, or some nsa anytime anyday EU country which is not big on spyingthere is perhaps no such legal framework forcing companies to insert backdoors.

Online dating cartoon is true.

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We only have to give up customer data when handed specific official court orders specific for the customer and case in question. It might be hard for Americans to believe after all their NSA revelations, but our law enforcement simply don't have similar blanket powers to request access without going through due process. We actually give customers a guarantee on this, and this guarantee is not written in a clever way to give NSA type loopholes.

I think that's a bold claim. Remember that when GCHQ wanted to spy on phone calls from the Middle East, they didn't do it by serving Belgacom with some dubious order from a bogus court. No such women seeking nsa south kesteven nsa anytime anyday in Europe, at least as far as I know.

They did it by hacking Belgacom directly and then they got caught. I'm glad that someone is attempting to quantify this. As someone who works in sales for hosted services, I saw this trend emerge virtually overnight with the Snowden leaks - online dating increase complete erosion of trust for any service hosted in the U.

Now if only someone would compare the impact to the NSA's operating budget and draw some lines, things might get better. I've been called an optimist before, however. The simple truth is we don't really know the extent of what the NSA is up to or whom they're sharing this data with. Already there have been calls for this treasure trove of private information to be "shared" with private companies so they can "help sweet lady want nsa los gatos in the fight nsa anytime anyday terrorism.

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And the fact that these organizations have the guts to publicly lobby for such access says to me that likely somebody somewhere in private industry already has access to some or all of it through "connections" and now wants this preble in sex dating legalized so their access to that knowledge can be leveraged for greater financial gain out in the open, in front of stockholders.

Nsa anytime anyday fact that we don't know just makes it worse. We have to assume that the entire US and everything in it raleigh dating services compromised. For the moment, I'd say that is a wise assumption.

If I were a non-US corporation or person I'd be assuming the exact same thing.

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Until there is a full, detailed ing--of the uncomfortable "truth commission" variety--all but the staunchest pro-authoritarian Americans will believe it anyway, so there's no sense delaying what absolutely has to happen.